Hi I'm Chris Watts, Game designer and project manager Chris Watts

Hi, I'm Chris Watts. Game Designer, Project Manager

Working In the Games Industry since 2006

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My Story


My names Chris and I’m a Game Designer that’s been creating fun and engaging video games since 2006.

Through my experiences I’ve become equipped with a versatile range of design and product management skills that’s given me the means to evolve and keep up with the rapidly changing nature of our industry.

I’ve worked in a variety of studio sizes and situations ranging from large teams on AAA console-scale projects, three man indie games and everything in-between. I’ve even done some teaching at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

My goal within any work situation is to consider what the employer or client needs and ensure there’s a means to not only meet that need but also consider what future needs may be and plan for it.

Outside of my career I enjoy all sorts of stuff. I play a good deal of online cooperative and competitive gaming, dabble in art and have a particular soft spot for riding motorcycles across beautiful scenic roads.

It’s always a pleasure to be part of such an amazing and diverse industry and I’m always seeking a challenge to push my abilities and grow as a designer.


Lead Game Designer

Rival Stars Basketball

Rival Stars Basketball is a free-to-play card-collection sports game for mobile that challenges players to collect and play a colorful cast of basketball athletes and form a team. My role as lead designer had me working with other departments and designing the backend systems that drive the economy and balancing of the game. I also drove the design and creation of competitive multiplayer as well as maintaining the game as a service and designing new post-release features.

Lead Game Designer

Flick Kick Field Goal 2015

Flick Kick Field Goal 2015 is an arcade ball-flicking American Football themed game for mobile. Players choose to represent a number of teams and battle it out against other colleges, cities and daily disputes to win for glory and game-enhancing boosts. I designed the mechanics of the game to its 2013 release and also managed a successfully-executed American Marines branded campaign for the title in 2014

Game Designer

Racing League / Turbo Fast

Turbo Fast is a racing game for iOS based on the DreamWorks movie “Turbo”. I was a part of the Turbo Fast development team for the final six months of its development. I assisted the lead designer on the project to lighten his workload and contributed by balancing out the difficulty level of the game, contributed to the games monetization and designed the game flow and UI to handle a real-money competition within the game known as the Verizon Million Dollar Shell-Out.

Game Designer & Producer

Puzzle Treasure

Puzzle Treasure was a free-to-play puzzle game in which players uncover rare treasures and artifacts through solving hundreds of unique Tangram Puzzles. I was the manager, producer and game designer for this project. I also secured the funding of the project through Film Victoria.

This game was taken off of Facebook as of 2014.


Zombie Pirate Robot Attack!

Zombie Pirate Robot Attack was a project funded by Red Tribe and had the objective to bring a small development team together to create a polished iPad game. I headed the initial design and production of the game.

Game Designer & Producer

Terracore Adventures & Minequest

Terracore Adventures was my first commercially produced game outside a large studio structure. MineQuest is a free-to-play, social platform iteration that's still in development. I was the designer, producer and artist for Terracore Adventures and the designer and producer for MineQuest.

Level Designer

deBlob 2

de Blob 2 was the second professional project I worked on with Bluetounge & THQ. I kept up the high quality of Level Design expected from the first title into it's sequel.

Level Designer


de Blob was the first professional project I worked on. Working for Bluetongue and THQ I was hired as a level designer to create exciting environments. I worked on the full production for de Blob and the pre-production for de Blob 2.


Visual Scripting - Colony Ship Simulator

A short project worked on part-time over a weeks. It’s designed to demonstrate the depth, complexity and interaction a designer can prototype with the power of visual scripting software. For this project I used Unity and a state machine plug-in for the editor called Playmaker to create a simulator-style prototype.

Colony Ship Simulator tasks the player with maintaining the well-being of a huge colony ship as it travels over a time-scale of years to reach its destination.

The demo shows many statistical systems that work together to create both rules of play and actions the player can take through maintaining such systems.

ship simulator game prototype


Andy Satterthwaite

Design Director at PikPok

"Chris is incredibly reliable; has great research skills; structure and meta-game design skills; is incredibly organised and can lead/produce a team as required. Assigned to the right team/project he would be a great asset to any company."

Camille Dodson


"Chris is an avid gamer with a keen eye for game design. He is especially good at high-level meta-game design and big picture thinking. His ability to communicate with emails, presentations and wireframe diagrams gave the team a detailed direction."

Sebastian Perri

Incubator Coordinator

"Chris is an excellent team player and team manager and as a result he is well regarded by AIE staff and the students. I look forward to working with Chris again one day; he truly is an exceptional talent."

Core Talents


No game project is without its problems needing solving and game design is no stranger to this. This skill often requires a methodical and scientific approach to make sure a design problem is addressed thoroughly. I consider problem solving to be one of the most important things a Game Designer does on a consistent basis.


I utilize modern tools like visual scripting software through editors like Unity to prototype gameplay and design ideas quickly to evaluate their merits. This is an important skill to have, even if it’s not required on every project. Please check out the visual scripting project to see how powerful it can really be.

High Level Design

A term used to describe a projects game loops and meta-game design. High Level design demands research, meaningful evaluations, prototyping and iteration. It requires a designer to consider which features will keep the player engaged over a long term. It’s something I’ve designed many times over in my career.


One aspect of game development and teaching that I’m proud to have brought to so many projects is research and evaluation. Often, the game industry has addressed many of the challenges of that my project might be facing and it’s important to find and compare what’s been created in the past against what we’re looking accomplish.

Project Management

On many occasions I’ve been placed into the challenge of leading a project. This range from my commercial game dev experience leading projects and updates to running a small indie company and managing contractors. Project management is a high responsibility gig that I’ve shown proven success on many occasions.


Making sure that the feature-sets, stats and “feel” of a game compliments and works together is one of the most time consuming but important qualities of a good game. I’ve spent the time on multiple projects to balance those games from the feel of kicking a football to the backend and frontend statistics of RPG elements in a card game.


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